working effectively with freelancers
takes more than just finding, briefing and paying.
we help you + external talent
work better together.

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does this even need fixing?

modern work increasingly requires working alongside freelancers, contractors and partners, creating hybrid teams of internal + external talent.

yet, most projects are not designed to get the best from, and give the best to these teams, and millions of pounds are lost every year through ineffective working*.

reports suggest that the majority of the workforce will be self-employed by 2030**, so businesses need to find effective ways of working with teams they don't employ.

if your business isn't actively designing how to best find, onboard, support and nurture the talent you work with - you're not getting the best from, or giving the best to the talent you rely upon.

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y+x is your chief freelance officer.

we help you put the things in place to work better together with others.

We work with you to ...

  • Audit - your current freelance experience, engagement and effectiveness, to spot areas for improvement.
  • Boost - apply our existing off-the-shelf tools and techniques to close the gaps between your business and external talent, and rapidly build stronger temporary teams.
  • Codesign - work with us to identify, design and implement better ways of working with others, and implement a Chief Freelance Officer.
  • Develop - we offer support for your internal team leaders through training, coaching and community.
  • Excellence - celebration and accreditation of organisations who welcome and work well with external workers, to continue attracting talent or build a sustainable modern business.
  • Freelancers - we offer support, talks and resources for your existing network of talent, via Leapers. learn about leapers
we're also building a community of team leaders who work better with others. sign up

we're a collective of strategists, team leaders, talent specialists and organisational psychologists with lots of amazing friends.

we practise what we preach, and cast on-demand teams to suit each project, so you'll always have the right people for the job.

our tools and approaches have been developed over years of working with hybrid teams in multiple environments, and with insight from businesses and over 1000 freelancers through our community - Leapers.

"Matthew's real skill is in building multi-disciplinary teams that can bring difficult ideas to fruition. He is also a person of great integrity, openness and positivity which means he has a hugely positive cultural impact on the world around him."

-- Matthew Hook, Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network